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imperial japan

  1. Jessman

    Propaganda leaflet

    Hello all, I recently posted about my Good Luck flag on this forum and got fantastic responses, and I learned quite a bit of information. Now, I'm back with another piece of history that I have a question about. I have a propaganda leaflet that was dropped on Okinawa during the invasion in early...
  2. Jessman

    Japanese Good Luck Flag

    Hey guys! I've been reading up on the Japanese good luck flags of WW2. This forum has been a great treasure trove of knowledge! I'm excited to say that I have purchased one of the fantastic pieces of history and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about this particular flag. There's not...
  3. J

    Need help with the translation of the kanji of 10 badges

    I have 10 pictures posted sorry for the amount. Have purchased in one set. I am grateful to all the help.
  4. J

    Does anyone know this Japanese military insignia? And is it from WWII?

    All information is welcome!!
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