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  1. Mizumi

    I've installed IME, now how do I type?

    Okay, I've installed IME, now how do I type in japanese? Do you need a special keyboard? :?
  2. O

    Using IME with (AIM) instant messenger

    yeah...I've been trying to get this to work with AIM for some time...see...it actually worked before and I was able to converse in Japanese with a Japanese friend of mine...but now, every time I switch IME over to 'JP' and type, I'll see Japanese in the text box, but when I hit enter it comes up...
  3. MikeM

    Japanese IME

    Umm... could someone please tell me where to download the Japanese IME for Windows XP Home Edition? I tried downloading the Office XP one but it says I do not have Office XP. Where can I get it? Thanks.