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  1. Koga Castle

    Castle Koga Castle

    Koga City is situated on the westernmost tip of Ibaraki Prefecture, at the confluence of Tone River in the south and Watarase River in the west. The town prospered as an important traffic point along the Nikko Highway. Koga Castle (古河城 Koga-jō) was built in the late Heian Era on the banks of the...
  2. K

    Any good onsen town between iwaki and tokyo.

    I will be visiting Japan on December 6th to 16th, I will be renting a car for a 1 day visit to Fukuroda Falls, Aquarium Fukushima, Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium, かすみがうら市 水族館, and stop over for a good meal, if this is not possible to fit within a day schdule, I will probably leave out...
  3. Jingyu Yan

    Looking for old friend back in elementary school

    私は小学校時代の友達が探しています。私の日本語は良くないけど、友達と再会したい. 彼女の名前は広瀬なお、私たちは #堀原小学校 のクラスメートです。もし誰か彼女を見つけるのを助けることができれば, 本当に感謝します。 Hey guys, I'm looking for my old friend from 堀原小学校 in 茨城県水戸市(Mito Ibaraki). She was my best friend back in the old days. Unfortunately, due to my parents' work, I had to leave Japan...
  4. Tsuchiura Castle

    Castle Tsuchiura Castle

    Tsuchiura Castle (土浦城 Tsuchiura-jō) is a flatland castle (平城 hirajiro) located in the wetlands along the western shore of Lake Kasumigaura, at the mouth of the Sakuragawa (桜川), in Ibaraki Prefecture. It is also known as Kijō (亀城, Turtle castle), because in times of severe flooding it looked...
  5. Oda Castle

    Castle Oda Castle

    Oda Castle (小田城) is a Japanese flatland castle located in Ibaraki Prefecture. It faces the scenic Mount Tsukuba in the north. The map is based on Google Earth. Since the Kamakura Period (1185-1333), members of the distinguished Oda clan had been the successive lords of the castle. During...
  6. Seizansō


    The Kunugi-mon at the Seizansō: clearly visible the two pillars of quercus accutissima.
  7. Seizansō


    Onari-michi, the alley leading up to the main building
  8. Seizansō


    Detail of the main building at the Seizansō
  9. Seizansō


    The annex of the Seizansō
  10. Seizansō


    The restored main building of the Seizansō
  11. Seizansō


    The main building of the Seizansō
  12. Seizansō


    Annex building at the Seizansō (西山荘)
  13. Seizansō


    A life-size figure of Tokugawa Mitsukuni, better known as "Mito Kōmon" (水戸黄門)
  14. Seizansō


    The main building of the Seizansō. The original burned down in 1817 and was rebuilt in 1819 at a smaller scale.
  15. Seizansō


    The entrance to the Seizansō in Hitachiota with the Onari-michi, Mitsukuni's alley
  16. Seizansō


    The Kunugi-mon (the Oak Gate), consisting of two pillars of quercus acutissima symbolising Mitsukuni's proclivity for a simple life
  17. Seizanso

    Travel Seizanso

    The Seizansō (西山荘) is located in Hitachiōta in Ibaraki Prefecture, about twenty kilometres north of the prefectural capital Mito. When the legendary second daimyō of Mito, Tokugawa Mitsukuni retired from his active duties as vice-shōgun in the winter of 1690, handing over the administration of...
  18. Oarai Aqua World

    Oarai Aqua World

    Dolphin show at the Oarai Aqua World
  19. Oarai Aqua World

    Travel Oarai Aqua World

    The Oarai Aqua World (アクアワールド・大洗), also known as the Oarai Aquarium and located in the coastal town of Ōarai in northern Ibaraki Prefecture, is one of the largest aquariums in Japan. Consisting of nine exhibition zones based on specific themes, it spreads over seven floors, displaying 580...
  20. Oarai Aqua World

    Oarai Aqua World

    The shark tank in the "Seas of the World" area
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