1. H

    Some questions about registering for utility providers

    In the near future I will move in to a private-owned apartment and that means I will have to arrange all the utility supplies (water, gas, electricity). Can someone kindly inform me the procedures of registration to the providing companies? Also, is it possible to register to those companies...
  2. H

    Searching for private apartments in Tokyo

    Can someone suggest me website for apartment search in Tokyo? I know there is already this article here: Practical - Guest houses in Japan | Japan Forum but most rooms offered in this list are guest houses - I prefer private room equipped with kitchen and toilet. Thanks
  3. AoiHana35

    Moving/Buying a House in Japan

    Hi Everyone! This is my first time here at the community. I've been trying to find some decent forums with people who've had years of experience in Japan. Me and my Japanese wife who have been married for a while now have decided we'd really love to move to Japan. Her family member is going to...
  4. J

    Advice on cost of living in Fukuyama and/or Okinawa

    Hi folks I tried doing a search for any post on this topic but nothing came up.:( I'm a 28 year old Australian and have been offered a JET stint in both Fukuyama and Okinawa. I've to make a decision really soon and am hoping I could get some advice here. Anyone currently living in Fukuyama...