1. Davey

    Do I have to cover my window?

    On the backside we have 4 windows and all were covered but because of the big typhoon last September one fell off (see image). My neighbor, whom is an old and noisy man and just lives 3 meter behind me, complained this morning that we have to cover it as when we open the window we can look...
  2. Houses and Gardens of Kyoto

    Culture Houses and Gardens of Kyoto

    Houses and Gardens of Kyoto presents over 500 photos of the most excellent examples of traditional Japanese architecture from every significant historical period in this new edition of a favorite classic. Kyoto, considered the quintessential birthplace of Japanese culture, has survived...
  3. Lothor

    Shinto rituals for houses

    We've recently bought a second-hand house (built in 1991), which is currently being renovated, and we plan to move in December. This morning Mrs Lothor suggested that we got the Shinto priests round to do their paper mop waving mumbo-jumbo (my words, not hers!) about the time we move in. Nobody...