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  1. tourceb

    Services Japan to Cebu, Philippines

    Are you from Japan who is planning to have your vacation in Cebu, Philippines, we can help you organize your tours and hotel booking. You can explore our services at www.krtravelandtours.com . Our company is a direct tour operator. We can help you save your budget. We have licensed and tourism...
  2. Lampshade

    Making a reservation in Japanese

    Hey everyone! So I’m going to Japan soon and I’ll be going to a few smaller towns in rural Chûgoku, one of which I’ll be staying the night. I’m trying to fill make a reservation, but I have to write it in Japanese because the owners of the hostel won’t understand English, and I’d like a bit of...
  3. Capsule hotel

    Capsule hotel

    9hours capsule hotel in Kyoto
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