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  1. thomas

    News M6.7 quake hits Hokkaido

    A powerful earthquake hit Hokkaido last night. I hope everyone there is fine. @nahadef must have had a sleepless night. :emoji_anguished: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/09/06/national/powerful-m6-7-earthquake-hits-hokkaido-no-tsunami-alert-issued/ 地震:北海道・胆振地方中東部で震度6強 津波の心配なし - 毎日新聞
  2. D

    Hoping to see my Mother again after 27yrs.

    Hi, My name is Dennis Miranda from Philippines, hoping to see my mother again. Hoping that someone in here can help me find her. Her single name was Marilou C. Miranda. I dont know her date of birth all i know is her age should be around 50 yrs old by now. She sent me a letter 8yrs ago and it...
  3. A

    Need help to find her.

    Hey people of the internet, in this very occasion I'm hoping you can help me whatever you can with this situation. Any little help will be much appreciated. So here's the story: I was in a flight from Berlin TXL to Rome FCO (15 March 2017, around 12.00 Berlin time), which the flight was about 2...
  4. Ninjinsan

    hello from Sapporo❢

    Hello! Nice to meet you :) I am Maryana. I just moved to Sapporo, Hokkaido, for an internship in architecture. I speak Japanese a bit (still learning). Coming to Japan has always been one of my dreams, I find its culture really unique and fascinating. If you have any suggestions for learning...
  5. Hokkaido Travel Guide

    Travel Hokkaido Travel Guide

    Hokkaidō (北海道) is the northernmost and the second-largest of Japan’s four main islands. It is separated from Honshū to the south by the Tsugaru Straits (津軽海峡 Tsugaru Kaikyō) and bounded by the Sea of Japan on the west, the Sea of Okhotsk in the northeast, and the Pacific Ocean on the south and...
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