1. Nirayama Castle

    Travel Nirayama Castle

    Nirayama Castle (韮山城 Nirayama-jō) is located in the northern neck of Izu Peninsula, in present-day Izunokuni. In 1493, Hōjō Sōun who had risen to power in Kokokuji Castle defeated Horikoshi-kubō Ashikaga Chachamaru who had ruled Izu and put the entire peninsula under his control. He rebuilt...
  2. Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History

    Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History

    Statue of Hōjō Tokiyori (北条時頼, 1227-1263), the fifth regent (shikken) of the Kamakura shogunate in Japan displayed at the Yokohama Museum of Cultural History.
  3. Kokokuji Castle

    Travel Kokokuji Castle

    Kokokuji Castle (興国寺城 Kōkokuji-jō, also known as 根古屋城 Negoya-jō) is located in Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture. It was constructed sometime between 1469 and 1487 and given to Hōjō Soun (or Ise Shinkuro at that time) for services rendered to the Imagawa clan. The rise of the Late Hōjō in the Kantō...
  4. Ogura Castle

    Travel Ogura Castle

    Ogura Castle (小倉城) is a Sengoku-era hilltop castle located in Tokigawa Town, Saitama Prefecture. It stretched over three mountain ridges and was situated just 600 meters from the Tsuki River, forming a natural stronghold that allowed to monitor the traffic on the river. It was fortified with...
  5. The Late Hojo

    History The Late Hojo

    The Late Hōjō clan (後北条氏 Go-Hōjō-shi) were powerful regional lords at the end of the Muromachi Period (1333-1568) and in the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1568-1600) and must not be confused with the warrior family by the same name who were hereditary regents (執権 shikken) of the Kamakura shogunate in...
  6. Hachigata Castle Park

    Hachigata Castle Park

    埼玉県名所巡り-彩情景 「鉢形城公園」 / Tour attractions in Saitama Prefecture. 寄居町鉢形にある「鉢形城公園」になります。 日本100名城の一つで、天然の地形を活かした 城を築いたとされています。 当時の様子を垣間見ることができる、貴重な史跡となっています。 它坐落在寄居Hachigata為"Hachigata城公園" 它是日本的一個100的城堡,並建有城堡是採取自然地形的優勢。所以可以一睹狀態的時候,和寶貴的歷史遺跡。
  7. Kanezawa Sanetoki

    Kanezawa Sanetoki

    Kanezawa Sanetoki (金沢 実時), also called Hōjō Sanetoki (北条実時, 1224-1276) was the founder of the Kanazawa Bunko (Kanazawa Library). He was a member of the Kanezawa branch of the Hōjō clan. He was born to Hōjō Saneyasu in 1224. As his talent was discovered by his uncle Hōjō Yasutoki, Sanetoki was...
  8. Kanazawa Bunko

    Kanazawa Bunko

    One of the oldest libraries in Japan, built by the Hojo family in the 13th century.
  9. Hōjō Tokimune

    Hōjō Tokimune

    Hōjō Tokimune (北条 時宗, June 5, 1251 – April 20, 1284) of the Hōjō clan was the eighth shikken (officially regent (of shogun), but de facto ruler of Japan) of the Kamakura shogunate (reigned 1268–84), known for leading the Japanese forces against the invasion of the Mongols and for spreading Zen...
  10. Odawara Castle

    Odawara Castle

    The siege of 1590 explained: Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his generals against the Late Hojo
  11. Odawara Castle

    Odawara Castle

    The Late Hojo war council in the Historical Museum