1. Glimmering Skies

    Glimmering Skies

    Not long ago I was contacted by a lady living in our neighbourhood who was looking for someone to brush up her “rusty” German. She is in her early 80s, and despite her self-declared aversion to textbooks and grammar remarkably fluent. Talking about her childhood over coffee and cake I learned...
  2. OoTmaster

    Japanese Trip in April

    I took my first trip to Japan this April. I went to Japan in April of course for the sakura mostly and to visit a ton of my friends. I had a JR pass so I was able to visit a lot of places. I started in Nagoya, went to Hida-Takayama for a day, then to Osaka, while I was in Osaka I visited Nara...
  3. Lampshade

    Travel Sleeping at Hiroshima Airport

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if it’s okay to sleep on one of the seats in Hiroshima Airport during the whole night? I did do that at Haneda Airport once but I feel like this airport is smaller and might close during the night or something. I can’t seem to find any good (i.e. cheap) hostels or...
  4. Lampshade

    Travel Itinerary help

    Hey! I’m planning a trip to Japan and I don’t know if I’m trying to fit too much in, but I’d like it if you could tell me what you think? I’ll be coming from Hiroshima after spending a few days in the area (Miyajima, Iwakuni, Kure included) and heading to Osaka to catch my plane back home. Day...
  5. Kanpai Japan

    Kanpai Japan

    Hi my name is David and I am from London. In the summer of 2015 I traveled around Japan with my closest friends. It was a country I always wanted to go to but I never realised when I was planning the trip how amazing it was going to be and have such an effect on me. This film is a love letter to...