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  1. Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art

    Museum Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art

    The Ukiyo-e Ōta Memorial Museum of Art (浮世絵 太田記念美術館 Ukiyo-e Ōta kinen bijutsukan) is a small museum located in Harajuku that houses the woodblock print (ukiyo-e) collection of Ōta Seizo V (1893-1977), a former president of Tōhō Insurance. He amassed over 12,000 pieces of prints that are...
  2. Sengakuji Temple

    Sengakuji Temple

    The ronin, headed by Yuranosuke and Rikiya, climbing up the snow-clad slope leading to their lord's tomb at Sengakuji Temple, and a priest squatting at the entrance.
  3. Utagawa Hiroshige

    Utagawa Hiroshige

    Chushingura: nightly attack on Kira's mansion (called Moronao’s Castle in the play)
  4. Hiroshige


    Hiroshige: 'Sparrow, moon, and peach blossoms'
  5. Hiroshige


    Hiroshige: 'A white heron and iris'
  6. Hiroshige


    Hiroshige: 'A long-tailed blue bird on a blooming plum branch'
  7. Hiroshige


    Hiroshige: 'Wild duck and reeds in snow'
  8. Hiroshige Kameido

    Hiroshige Kameido

    Hiroshige's 'Famous places of the eastern capital': Kameido
  9. Hiroshige


    Evening snow at Kanbara
  10. Hiroshige


    Fukagawa Suzaki juman tsubo (Juman tsubo plain at Suzaki, Fukagawa)
  11. Hiroshige


    Hiroshige: looking down on Lake Ashi at Hakone
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