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  1. ateliesta

    Need help translating a simple sentence

    Hi, I've been trying to translate this phrase: "I won't be able to feel that warmth again, will I?" into Japanese. By "warmth" I mean the warmth of another person, both physically and emotionally. What I have is もうあの温もりは感じられないね, but I'm not sure if it captures it right. (does られない translate...
  2. Kilpomm

    Need help translating a text

    やっぱり元彼に会うっての普通に彼氏に悪 い気しかしないし! Could anyone please translate this?
  3. B

    I need help identifying a Wood Block Artist

    I have a picture of a wood block artist who did a calendar in 2001. I have his art work on parchment paper of each page signed. Can I send a picture of him and his work?
  4. musicisgood

    Question Need a bit of help finding an export company that will export Lexus car to overseas from America

    It's in my title. Need a company in America that does it. So far I've had no luck in finding one. Any help most appreciated.
  5. Dmi7

    Wanted Help me through using Netridecash

    Hello, I like to see if someone lives in japan and has the ability to purchase netridecash because I have a important someone I was in the middle of a chat and the site used to have a credit payment option but that got removed for no reason and as to use netridecash only. I live from the USA...
  6. Es ban

    Question Need some help with this one

    Can someone help me I can't make out the Kanji in this drawing. If you can read the handwriting please post a reply with the Kanji in text. Thank you in advance! Oh, and this is either Japanese or Chinese.
  7. A

    Help me translate

    Kindly help translate into Japanese "Those we love never truly leave us, There are things that death cannot touch"
  8. Krong_kuts :)

    Help me find my father :)

    Hello, I was born on December 22, 2003 and I am currently 19 years old. I have been looking for my father this past 10 years, we've lost contact to him since my mother's phone broke in the year 2007. I think he was born on May 2 and is 77 years old now, his name is Haruo Suzuki. I don't know...
  9. F

    Help about this stamp

    Hi, can someone translate this text or identify the characters? It is a stamp in my possession. Thank you very much.
  10. ChefKilleenit

    Tag found on type 99 rifle

    I was hoping one of the intellectuals here could help me decipher. What is on this tag and what its intention is for?
  11. Valerio323

    Help whit translate a kanji

  12. Valerio323

    Help to translate this id book All help is appreciated

  13. N

    Help translating good luck flag

    Would like to know what the big text portion of the flag means. Any information that can help me date the flag would also be a big help
  14. greenh940

    HELP! What are these?

    Hello, I'm new to this site and this is my first thread. Can someone please put these symbols in text format so I can copy them? I'm not able to get an exact match on any lanuage recognition website. A translation would also be nice but I mostly care about the text format. (Hopefully it is...
  15. K

    Help identifying/translating WWII Good Luck Flag

    I just acquired this flag and would greatly appreciate any translation of the writings or information on the flag. Thanks in advance.
  16. M

    I can’t identify this music track

    Hello world. I’d like to know what’s the music is playing on background. Shazam isn’t able to find it. It sounds like Yasuha songs. So I think that it is Japanese Music and ask you to help me with identifying it! Here is the YouTube Clip in which this music track is heard. Timings 0:14-0:45...
  17. bluefiremeta

    Please help me find my relative

    Name : Shigetaka Kanbe In kanji not known. His mother's name is Hama Kanbe, and his father's name is Giro Kanbe. Last known job: Secom Ltd Japan Last known address: 1-1-1 Maebashi Gunma Ken March 23, 1943, is his birthdate. I want to know if he's still alive or, if not, where he lies...
  18. C

    How can I help my son who is first year elementary school learn Japanese words?

    My son got Cs in Japanese. He doesn't like to read stories- never see him read one in Japanese (not much better in English). He doesn't know for instance hitori, futori and days of the month. It would be nice to get teaching of words in context. School teaching is boring and his Japanese family...
  19. dchiang

    Help translating guitar lable

  20. A

    Help Help with paybook translation

    Hi all. I was a little bit busy, so I had some proyects stopped, but now I have started again. Here is one of these. A paybook from the russo-japanese war. I have been translating it, but I am a little bit stuck with some locations. The locations on the left should be near Liaoyang 遼陽. Could...
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