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  1. S

    Need help in Japan

    hello i am living in japan longer time have a kid and i need help where i can stay for a longer time :rolleyes: i cannot stay in my home anymore must move where i can call or send message for help? i am from austria and i cannot go back now because the war in russia please anybody help me
  2. D

    Hospitality in Japan / Help for $

    Hello everyone! My name is Dani, really nice to meet you! I am really interested in opening a restaurant in Tokyo and I need your help. If someone worked in Hospitality (restaurant, hotel sector) and can share some information with me, answer my questions about how this sector is setting up in...
  3. M

    I need the Kanjis

    Can someone send me please the Quote from 1:36 to 1:54 in Kanji. I would appreciate it. Video
  4. Irezumianddat

    Help Tattoo translations

    Hello hello! I am in love with Japanese culture and wanted to merge this with an important tattoo idea I’m getting done soon... It’s very difficult to directly translate but I wanted... “the devil can’t hold any power over you” kind of like a play on “you are your own worst enemy” that kind of...
  5. Kuma san

    Names please

    Hi please help me find a name that is related to 'bear' in japanese First name and a last name would be very helpful :)
  6. brynne

    Question In serious need of finding this song

    A couple of years ago I found Mondo Grosso on YouTube through a vibe playlist. This was before my watch history was turned on. I think my account was deleted a while ago, too. After digging deeper, I found this other Japanese song. I think it was after searching for aesthetic Japanese music from...
  7. W

    Help Please Help With Yosegaki Hinomaru Flag Translation

    Hello! I recently purchased this Japanese "Good Luck Flag" at auction and although I have yet to receive it, I would like to try and start the process of translating it. I would be incredibly grateful for any help this forum could provide. Thanks yall!
  8. ShuviDoura

    Lelouch of The Resurrection

    Can someone please send the movie "Lelouch of The Resurrection" to me in the mail? In our country, this film did not go on sale in cinemas; (. I was waiting for the release of the film on the Internet, but alas, for 9 months, not a rumour. What is surprising, because the continuation of the...
  9. anjera

    help !! survey for nihongo class about anime !! :(

    Hellooo can i ask for help a , a favor could u answer this survey abt anime for me . i need it for my nihongo class and i need at least 30 respondents :(( it' for a project here's the link to it: https://forms.gle/rFw4Hojb1J8Ridg7A domou arigatou gozaimasu
  10. K

    Looking for VERY long lost family

    I am looking for any family I might have in Japan. I have limited information, but I figured it was worth a shot anyway. My grandmothers name is Kazuko Fukimbara (maiden name) she left home around the 1960s (I believe) to come to America with my grandfather Richard Stockham. From my knowledge...
  11. L

    Question Can someone translate this to English?

    Please is anyone able to translate the text into English for me?
  12. candra41

    Question Help me, missing song title

    [youtube] Please help me, I really like this song, but I don't know the song title. thanks for those who answered ^^
  13. D

    Can someone help me translate this?

    Hello Guys. I ask for your help, I am translating a manga and I was able to translate almost everything but but I only have one page left, and I can not translate that part since in online translators it does not do not translate correctly, that is why I need your help. Thank you
  14. G

    Question about omitting subject/object

    I have a question about when you can and cannot exclude the subject/object from a sentence. How do you use particles to indicate what the purpose of the sentence is? I've written this sentence: 父は殺そうした And I want it to mean: "My father tried to kill her". But I'm not sure if it means what I...
  15. E

    Question Looking for ricefield near or in Shiga Prefecture

    First, Hi everybody, i´m new in this forum, nice to meet you all, sorry if my english is a bit sloppy, but i don´t pratice it quite offten, sooooo... thats that. Now, to the point. It´s just like the tittle stated, i´m looking for ricefields/farms nearby to, or in Shinga Prefecture, i´m working...
  16. S

    Making a Japanese style dinner for my family

    I'm making a Japanese style dinner for my family and I want to check to see if the dishes I have planned are common or would be served in a Japanese home. I want to make it as accurate as possible. Thanks
  17. C

    Help Total newbee, I have no idea

    okay so my head is spinning on all this research I’m trying to do, and I just need some advice. Firstly, I want to start studying Japanese online (beginner level) Where do I start? What course do I take? Can I study with TAFE? I’m aiming to teach English in Japan even translating, or tutor. I...
  18. Bexy Jones

    Help Advice needed on TEFL and finding a job at a school after TEFL..

    Hello, I am currently looking for advice on TEFL courses and getting work in Japan. I plan on starting an online TEFL course next month but I would love to know more about which one would be best to take (which website etc). I would preferably like to find a place that could help me find a job...
  19. Helen~

    Help with text for oral exam

    Hello! I have an oral exam in Japanese coming up and one of the topics I need to prepare for it is「私の趣味」. I wrote down what I want to say about it, but would like to make sure whether it's correct before memorizing it. Since unfortunately I currently don't have a tandem partner, it would be...
  20. gurenokingyo

    Help Teaching English at a Rural Village in Japan

    Hi there! My name is Lucas Assis and I'm a Brazilian student currently enrolled in a Computer Science bachelor's degree in Rio de Janeiro with a deep passion for Japanese culture. I'm fluent in English, and I have a Canadian high school diploma, so I believe that I'd be apt for teaching after...
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