help language japanese

  1. D

    Can someone help me translate this?

    Hello Guys. I ask for your help, I am translating a manga and I was able to translate almost everything but but I only have one page left, and I can not translate that part since in online translators it does not do not translate correctly, that is why I need your help. Thank you
  2. JojaTheCat

    Translation Help Needed (Japanese to English)

    Hello! Can someone help me to translate this 20 seconds japanese audio to English, please?
  3. I

    How do you use "must" or "have to" in Japanese?

    I am very unsure on how to use "must" or "have to". What is the sentence structure? I also have been trying to figure out how to say: "You (must/have to) wear a collared shirt and also (must/have to) wear long pants." I'd appreciate the help. Thank you!
  4. Andrew Mize

    Translation help

    I was wondering if 上はwould be the best way to say 'as long as' in the following sentence: "I will be happy as long as he is happy dating somebody"
  5. M

    I need help with what to say to my doctors

    Hi guys, so this is my first post here. I need your help. I'm currently living in Kyoto and I have an ingrown toenail. I've been to a doctor today who claimed to speak English but didn't really which is not uncommon around here, and he just kept repeating that I should switch bandages daily...
  6. J

    HELP Reading,Writing and understanding the language Japanese

    I was wondering if someone could please send me the Japanese alphabet to english from a website, (Note) I have tried looking for the Japanese alphabet but it is very confusing because some of them are different and I am not Japanese so I could be looking at the wrong alphabet and I would never...