1. O


    Hi is the Heisig method good? I think the idea of learning a stupid little story for every kanji is pretty absurd, but maybe it work somehow? Also is it really a good thing to learn the meanings before the readings.
  2. S

    Heisig's learning Kanji method

    How do you guys use this method? I'm going through the book writing down the kanjis and stories and reviewing Kanji every day in Anki (SRS) Meaning front Kanji back but I was wondering if it was the most efficient way of using this method. I think some people put the stories under the meaning...
  3. treeAndrei

    If using Heisig, should you learn Japanese traditionally alongside?

    Please refrain from all the Heisig-Anti-Heisig talk. I've read it all, and I'm going to give this a try. That said, while learning using the Heisig method, should you study via a classical method as well? Or should you finish Vol 1 and 2, THEN begin applying it and using the volumes as...