1. Julia KaNeko

    Hello! I'm Lady Julia KaNeko, and I'm new here!

    I haven't been on a forum site in years... -AHEM- Hello, everyone! I am Lady Julia KaNeko and today is my first day on here! I am 24 this year, in the U.S. and have high hopes to go to Japan someday once I'm finished with college and get my Bachelor's Degree. I have interests in learning more...
  2. K

    A question about Japanese greetings

    I've noticed that in many cases when you say phrases such as ありがとうございました , おはようございます , よろしくお願いします, before I finished saying that phrase, the other person started saying it too. Is that how you suppose to do it? When does it usually happens? In my language you say "good morning" only after...
  3. Japanese Greetings

    Language Japanese Greetings

    Below find a list of the most common Japanese greetings (挨拶 aisatsu). Greeting and Parting EnglishJapaneseRomajiGood morning.おはよう。Ohayō.Hello.こんにちは。Konnichiwa.Good evening.こんばんはKonbanwa.Good night.お休みなさいOyasumi nasai.What's up?何かあった?Nanika atta?How's everything?どうしてる?Dō shiteru?What's...