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graduate studies

  1. Shree

    Help Graduate Admissions through Univ Recommendation+MEXT Funded

    Hi friends, I am so glad that I found this forum. I appreciate everyone's help and support, trust me it is really useful for people like me. Sorry for putting a new thread as I couldn't find proper info's on the university recommendation (or i missed may be). Can anybody help me with my case ...
  2. hojoojoh

    MEXT Students, October Start: When did you fly?

    I've been trying to get information about October departure research student's flights. Namely, I am trying to figure out roughly WHEN these flights depart. The semester starts soon after October 1st, and the embassy and travel agency have told me that they "don't know yet" when the flight...
  3. Ascetic Monk

    GPSS-GLI Interview: Can I please have some advice?

    Hello everyone, I have been shortlisted as a Master's candidate for interview by the GPSS-GLI. I was advised by them that coverage of the interview will be on the short essays, research plan and other documents that I submitted as part of my application. Is there anyone here who has been...
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