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  1. Mike Cash

    News Okinawa: Pointless Profiling Patrol

    米軍犯罪パトロールに気象台や労働局職員も… 「本業どうなる」と悲鳴 (沖縄タイムス) - Yahoo!ニュース 沖縄でパトロール隊が始動 米軍属事件受け政府 | 沖縄タイムス+プラス ニュース | 沖縄タイムス+プラス In reaction to the ex-Marine murder/rape in Okinawa earlier this year some government entity in Okinawa has decided to institute special patrols to prevent crimes by American military...
  2. Y

    Japan's Economy Information Needed for a Novel

    Hello there! I'm hoping some one here would be able to answer some of these questions. What I'm wondering about is general economy of japan. specifically, the economy of each region in japan. If i can go into depth I would like to explain further about what kind of information I'm looking...
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