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good luck flag

  1. J

    Good Luck Flag...

    Newly found item... wondering if anyone can help me with any of the translations or meanings? Photo in black and white to highlight writing. Thank you all!
  2. D

    Need help with translation (WWII Japanese Good luck flag)

    Ive always wanted a Good luck flag but not knowing the Japanese im suspicious about it being fake. any help is apprecated.
  3. P

    Is this a WW2 flag?

  4. A

    Thank you for your time

    Hello, could some please translate some of the kanji from this good luck flag? Thank you very much for your time!
  5. F

    New to the forum. From Barcelona

    Papermaking engineer, with a passion for handmade paper, but with so may drive ons, going from antique bronze nudes to old cigarette rolling machines, that I dropped in the site when looking for advice on a Good Luck Flag suspecting it's a fake. Looking forward to a fruitful activity and open to...
  6. R

    Good Luck Flag Translation Please

    This is a flag I was told my great grandfather acquired while in Burma during WW2. Through my research I have come to find that some of these are fake. I am hoping someone would be willing to take the time to translate and give me their opinion as to the authenticity of this flag. Also, please...
  7. Justin Suan

    Help with WW2 flag

    Hello, My name is Justin. I am stationed at Yokota AFB. I found this flag in a wood case at an antique dealer. After clearing items off of it and opening I realized what it was. The name is written in older Kanji and is difficult to read. I would like to find out the soldiers name and...