1. Nitta Yoshisada

    Nitta Yoshisada

    Nitta Yoshisada (新田 義貞, 1301 – August 17, 1338) was the head of the Nitta family in the early fourteenth century, and supported the Southern Court of Emperor Go-Daigo in the Nanboku-chō period, capturing Kamakura from the Hōjō clan in 1333. Long an enemy of Ashikaga Takauji, Nitta Yoshisada is...
  2. Kusunoki Masashige

    Kusunoki Masashige

    Statue of Kusunoki Masashige (楠木 正成, 1294 – July 4, 1336) in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. He was a 14th-century samurai who fought for Emperor Go-Daigo in the Genko War, the attempt to wrestthe rule away from the Kamakura shogunate and is remembered as the ideal of samurai loyalty. He...
  3. Emperor Go-Daigo

    Emperor Go-Daigo

    Emperor Go-Daigo (後醍醐天皇 Go-Daigo-tennō, November 26, 1288 - September 19, 1339) was the 96th emperor of Japan. Post-Meiji historians construe Go-Daigo's reign to span 1318–1339; however, pre-Meiji accounts of his reign considered the years of his reign to encompass only between 1318–1332...