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  1. madeintokyo

    Travel Need Japanese Snacks, Gifts? Seibu Department Store in a 360 video 西武池袋本店西武食品館 | Made in Tokyo

    Need Japanese Snacks, Gifts? Seibu Department Store in a 360 video 西武池袋本店西武食品館 | Made in Tokyo In Ikebukuro, the flagship store of Seibu Department Stores is located. There are Shibuya and Ikebukuro stores in Tokyo. There are 8 stores in the entire country as of 2020. In addition to...
  2. Z

    Gift ideas for friends in Japan

    Hi Everyone! First post \^^/ I'm new to the community, but I expect to be active in the not-to-distant future. For now though, I have to be brief because my wife and I are traveling to Japan (for the first time) in just 2 days! During our trip we'll be visiting two Japanese friends. We've been...
  3. NancyM

    Omiyage suggestions from the U.S.?

    Looking for suggestions for small, sturdy, lightweight, squashable, preferably rather flat, trinkets to take to Japan next Spring. Would protractors be good (they have U.S. *and* metric), or do Japanese measuring systems already use both? I'd like to take things that Japanese working in the...
  4. Tipping in Japan

    Practical Tipping in Japan

    Most travel guides on Japan state that it is not customary to give tips. As gratuity is already included in bills and prices in the form of a 10 to 15 per cent service charge, many are not aware of the fact that they do pay tips. Therefore, the notion of “service = free of charge” is deeply...
  5. Gift-giving in Japan

    Culture Gift-giving in Japan

    Gift giving in Japan involves complex and elaborate rules and is part of a more extensive system of social exchange. Gifts are given each time another person is visited and usually exchanged on other particular occasions. Not a week goes by without an average Japanese family either giving or...
  6. Omiyage

    Culture Omiyage

    Omiyage (御土産 or お土産) are Japanese souvenir gifts travellers bring from their trips. Almost every destination in Japan has its specialities in food, traditional art, crafts, etc. The omiyage industry built around gift-giving is huge and very lucrative. Japanese feel a strong obligation to bring...
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