1. Z

    Gift ideas for friends in Japan

    Hi Everyone! First post \^^/ I'm new to the community, but I expect to be active in the not-to-distant future. For now though, I have to be brief because my wife and I are traveling to Japan (for the first time) in just 2 days! During our trip we'll be visiting two Japanese friends. We've been...
  2. Goldfire20

    The gift of...? Word help needed

    Hi, I was thinking about how you say "The gift of something", like "The gift of happiness", or "The gift of love" etc. But I'm not sure which word I should use for gift in this case. Would 贈り物 be ok? Or is that only used for presents? Would 幸福の贈り物 mean "The gift of happiness" or something...
  3. keywiz

    Secret Christmas Gift Favour

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if someone with a grasp of the Japanese language could help me with a small Christmas gift I am preparing for a friend. It is not a big favour at all - Just a translation of the one sentence from English to Japanese. It might sound like a random sentence, a bit...