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  1. barabaraboop

    「て」 form confusion/clearing up

    In Genki 1 (2nd Edition) Lesson 6. It introduces the 「て」 form and a couple of its uses. One of its uses was 'Describing Two Activities' The example given is: 教科書を忘れて、すみません。 So with an exercise below, the task was to use the 「て」 form, specifically 「~てもいいですか」in certain scenarios. The question...
  2. KijntheRelar

    Getting back into it

    So I have learned since I was 12 years old and am now turning 23 but I have yet to attain fluency in Japanese due to I suppose bad study methods. Despite my somewhat awkward mix of advanced and intermediate knowledge, my speaking sucks, my listening is better but still sucks, and I still don't...
  3. nalo6451

    Which sentence is more naturally used?

    Hi friends. So I'm working through Genki 1 and there was this sentence: でんしゃのなかでたばこをすってもいいですか - Can I smoke in the train? However, upon revision I realised there is another way to say this is: でんしゃにたばこをすってもいいですか。 So I'm wondering, which is acceptable/would be more commonly used in every day...
  4. A

    Genki II to Sou Matome N3

    Hello, I would like to ask if anyone's had experience with going straight to Nihongo sou matome N3 after finishing Genki II. Is it too big a step? I want to take the N3 exam in December and I don't really want to go to Nihongo sou matome N2, as the books are quite expensive and I think Genki II...
  5. doinurmop

    Learning Japanese, without writing it?

    So right now, I'm at the point, where I've completely learned hiragana, I can say it all by memory, but I definitely the know the letter rather quickly if not instant, and I'm also in the progress of reading genki, and have been taking notes. Though there's one thing I haven't done writing the...
  6. A

    JLPT N4

    I am planning to take the JLPT N4 this year in July and for studying I am planning to use Genki 1 along with Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar by Nishiguchi Koichi I was wondering if after finishing Genki 1 I could go straight and study from Nihongo Challenge N4 Grammar and Reading, or do I...
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