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  1. M

    How important is gendered language in Japanese?

    Hi, I'm doing some research on gendered language in Japanese. If you're a native Japanese speaker I would love for you to fill this questionnaire out. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. What does Japanese “women’s language” mean for female stereotypes in Japan? Thank you
  2. musicisgood

    The Japanese spouse and with a gaijin spouse

    Any of you fit this description? If so, how soon was it to you that you found out that life in Japan might not be up to par to what you may have imagined. I think one of the first things that I encountered was that I lost being in control of my destiny here. That happened on my 3 rd day here in...
  3. Rev Brian

    Gender of Torii

    My wife spends a good deal of time in Japan, and I enjoy visiting Japan as well. A recent discussion we had was about the suggestion that the structure of a Torii revels the gender of the god or goddess within the grounds. I have not been able to locate any specific information about this...
  4. H

    Can a Boy Be Named Tsubaki?

    I was wondering, since (as far as I know) Tsubaki is generally a feminine first name in Japan, would it be weird or embarrassing for a guy to be named Tsubaki? How lenient or non-lenient is Japan on the connection between gender and names? Thanks!
  5. Gender Differences in Spoken Japanese

    Language Gender Differences in Spoken Japanese

    What we present here is a short overview of gendered language in colloquial Japanese. In spoken Japanese, a distinction is made between male and female language. Most of these differences pertain to the use of certain words, though primarily the informal speech has a slightly different grammar...
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