gap year

  1. sukarro

    How much does it cost day-to-day in Japan? (planning a 9-10 month trip)

    My background: 18 years old half Japanese, half British Next year I intend to take a gap year in Japan. I have family who live in Osaka, so I will live with them for my stay (or at least a significant portion of it). The costs of living (as in accomodation, language schools etc...) are pretty...
  2. sukarro

    Is it possible to self-organize a scheme to attend a high school during my gap year?

    Information about myself: Currently 17/18 years old and will be 18/19 when I visit Japan. My ethnic mix is Japanese and British. I do have Japanese citizenship. Have only basic language proficiency. Will be attending a language school during my stay. Will be staying with my Japanese...
  3. sukarro

    Can I find work as a half-Japanese 18-19 yr old with limited Japanese language ability?

    Next year I will be taking a gap year to Japan (to learn the language and immerse myself in the culture). I will be staying with my Japanese relatives and attending a high school at the same time (my lessons will likely only be maths). My hope is to work at a clothing store. From any foreigners...