1. S

    Japanese Game Script Collaboration/Website

    I've been playing with a couple of ideas, the first being, to create a website that would become the single point of reference for anyone wishing to read or download a script for a Japanese game.
 The past couple of years I've found a scripts for various games on the internet, some complete...
  2. ddblue0

    A semi-famous Japanese text-based adventure game now in English (and free)

    So if I didn't actually know some of the people involved in its making (codename: Fake Social Network), I may never have found this game, but it is definitely related to Japan so I am posting about it here. The game is called Tokyo 13. It was originally a Japanese game but was recently released...
  3. K

    Wanted Native English Game Tester (Yoyogi Shibuya)

    Keywords International is looking for English testers to work in the Tokyo area for short term project. Working at our Hatsudai offices, your responsibilities would include finding bugs in your native language and documenting them in a database. Applicants would need to have excellent skills in...
  4. MiKandiJP

    [Libra of the Vampire Princess] Bishoujo VN Kickstarter!

    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. MiKandi Japan checking in from Akihabara, Tokyo! :D We wanted to let everyone know we've been working directly with XERO to have an official English translation of their upcoming game 'Libra of the Vampire Princess'. If you love bishoujo, chuunibyou, and of...