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  1. msaihamhossain

    Question Nagoya University G30 Interview

    I have been selected for the second screening (Skype interview) for Nagoya University’s undergraduate G30 program of Automotive Engineering (Electrical, Electronic & Information Engineering). I have the following question regarding the interview: 1) I know, I’ll be asked subject questions. What...
  2. HikariSakae

    Nagoya University G30 Program 2018

    Hey guys! I am an applicant to G30 program AY2018 of Graduate School of Economics at Nagoya University. I submitted my application document to NU in January, passed the primary screening and was invited to an online interview with Graduate School of Economics just a couple of days ago. However...
  3. C

    G30 at Osaka University

    Hi everyone, I have recently passed the first stage in applying to the Chemistry-Biology combined major program (which is taught in English) at Osaka University. I am going to have an interview in the next two weeks. Yeah, is anyone here studying that G30 program? It would be really helpful if...
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