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  1. x3ckid

    Books written in furigana

    Can I find online some pdf's to read books in Japanese? I read musashi in English I would like to read it in Japanese. I want to practice how well I know Kana and Kanji. Can anyone help me?
  2. M

    Furigana software

    Hey guys can i ask is there any program that adds furigana on a text? I wanna do this to a book i have in pdf and I want to be able to choose which kanji to put furigana on, so that i practice kanji that i already studied and i get some help while reading kanji i've never seen before. I...
  3. Furigana

    Language Furigana

    Furigana (振り仮名) are smaller kana printed next to or above kanji to indicate its pronunciation. In horizontal text (yokogaki 横書き) they are placed above the line of text, while in vertical text (tategaki 縦書き), they are positioned to the right of the line of text. In Japanese furigana are also...
  4. foxerish

    how to type kanji with furigana?

    tha title says all... how to type kanji with the little hiragana in the top of them that says how to pronounce them?
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