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  1. RosalinaChan

    Create Your Own Kawaii Anime Character!

    On Rinmaru games, there are cute anime games where you can create your own characters! From chibi to scene makers, you'll have some fun making these kawaii people, am I right?
  2. C

    Wanted Show travellers around Tokyo

    Are you from Tokyo or have you lived there for over a year? Do you love the idea of meeting like-minded travellers from all over the world in your spare time, whilst making some money on the side? CityUnscripted are looking for fun, outgoing and interesting people who know Tokyo really well...
  3. Aki Moritani

    Services Discount code for section 2 of my Japanese Language Course

    Hi Everyone, Just to let you know, I have released section 2 of my Japanese language course. You can get a 50% discount here (in August only). Japanese conversation for English speakers 2 | Udemy Thanks! Aki