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  1. thomas

    Travel News Munakata shrines designated World Heritage Site 2017

    The island of Okinoshima off the coast of Fukuoka and several associated sites in the Munakata Region have been designated UNESCO World Heritage sites in July 2017. Unlike other Japanese world heritage sites accessing the shrines won't be easy: While the status would gain the island...
  2. Nihon Scope

    COE over 30 Years Old

    I've applied for FFLC in Fukuoka through Go Go Nihon, and I've read that Japanese immigration seems to look down on people who want to go to school when their over 30 years old. Would this cause any issues you think with getting my COE approved? I'll be going to Japan in April with my wife who...
  3. B

    A month in Japan ♥

    Hi guys!! I am Anna and 15 years old. I will be going to Japan for 1 month this summer and I wanted to start a YouTube channel where I am going to talk about my experiences and the life in Japan. I am trying to get started and to even get people to see my videos. I really hate when somebody is...
  4. uminoarashi

    Looking for Yuki Kido, lost contact about four years ago

    I am looking for a Japanese friend of mine, Yuki Kido, that I met in Banff, Alberta, Canada, o in 2009. We met through an ad in an internet cafe in the area, and initially would meet up to teach each other English and Japanese. He worked as a chef at a Japanese restaurant in the area. We...
  5. Fukuoka Yahoo Dome

    Fukuoka Yahoo Dome

  6. Marizon from Fukuoka Tower

    Marizon from Fukuoka Tower

  7. Hakata Bay, Fukuoka

    Hakata Bay, Fukuoka