1. AdrianLe

    Working holiday visa Japan

    Hello, I'm looking for some officials info about working holiday visa Japan, anybody know websites or something ? Thanks
  2. gurenokingyo

    Help Teaching English at a Rural Village in Japan

    Hi there! My name is Lucas Assis and I'm a Brazilian student currently enrolled in a Computer Science bachelor's degree in Rio de Janeiro with a deep passion for Japanese culture. I'm fluent in English, and I have a Canadian high school diploma, so I believe that I'd be apt for teaching after...
  3. Tijana

    Japanese kanji for dojo

    Hey guys! I have been training aikido for quite some time now and this month I finally got my sensei to upgrade our website. I will be an administrator and I will be responsible pretty much for anything on the web page from context too gallery. However, one thing caught my eye here and that is...