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  1. musicisgood

    Question Welfare for foreigners

    Is the Japanese govt. going to refuse those foreigners that are on welfare their PR and send them back to their country upon renewal of their PR? By law, the welfare is only for Japanese people ( citizens of Japan ).
  2. thomas

    Foreign resident population rises above 2%

    According to an article by nippon.com based on data released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) 2.7m foreign residents live in Japan, amounting to roughly 2.1% of the population. While the number of Japanese citizens declined by 433,239, amounting to 127.78m in 2018, the...
  3. thomas

    News Koike party not granting foreigners right to vote

    The right to vote in local elections, that is. Not that I’d ever seriously expected such right to be granted, but categorically denying it out of “national interest” (read below) wiped out the last sympathies I’d harboured for her...
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