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  1. madeintokyo

    Travel Atami Trip - Ultra HD 4K | Made in Tokyo

    Atami Trip - Ultra HD 4K | Made in Tokyo A weekend at coastal beach city Atami Japan. Video Time Stamps in YouTube 📒 0:38 - Maruten Fish sticks (store link below) 0:53 - Restaurant: 熱海 しらす丼 Dorome (@7-32 Sakimicho, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0019)(full video below) 1:41 - Atami Ryokan: 地魚料理の温泉宿 やどかり...
  2. O

    Veganism in Japan

    I'm not a vegan... and who can be in Japan with all the sushi-go-rounds?! However, I ran across this article about a vegan diet and different types of foods and markings that allow you to know it meets the criteria. Good information to pass along to others that want to hop on that train (if not...
  3. M

    Wanted Looking for a Japanese immigrant who lives in the U.S. to answer some interview questions

    Hello. I have a cultural interview project for my Food and Culture class, and I chose to study Japanese culture over the semester as it is the culture that interests me the most. I am to compare/contrast my culture with someone from Japan. I do not know anyone personally from Japan, which is why...
  4. S

    Making a Japanese style dinner for my family

    I'm making a Japanese style dinner for my family and I want to check to see if the dishes I have planned are common or would be served in a Japanese home. I want to make it as accurate as possible. Thanks
  5. RoyMania

    Our YouTube channel for Japanese food and the love for japan

    Hey everyone 🙂: thank you for reading this! We have a YouTube channel which is for Exploring Japanese culture by trying out traditional Japanese food, unique Japanese snacks and more... Please check it out and feel free to give some feedback so we can be better 🙂: here : Roy's Mania - YouTube I...
  6. H

    Looking for whole turmeric around Tokyo area

    Hi, Due to certain recipe that I want to try, I am currently looking for some whole turmerics (not powdered one). I have searched in many oriental stores in Tokyo but the closest to the unpowdered one I could find is a frozen whole turmeric. The frozen one looks difficult to chop. Anybody know...
  7. herculas

    Starting a business in Japan.

    So I moved to Japan, Tokyo and have some money I would like to use and invest in the catering/food business in Japan. i don't know the language and I know this will be a hindrance, but I still want to give it a shot. Simply put my plan is to sell some Turkish food, starting off small and if...
  8. F

    Help translating writings on a protein drink package

    Some times ago I posted here inquiring about weight gainers with certain requirement on its content sold in Japan. Unfortunately there haven't been answer that I am seeking. Recently I luckily found this product: Weight Up from Weider. Now I just would like someone to confirm, based on its...
  9. V

    What is this pickled food I bought ?

    Hello, I traveled to Japan for 2 weeks in 2010 and I loved it. Lately, I had a transfer in Narita airport coming back from Thailand. I had a nostalgic feeling seeing all the souvenirs and goods. I stopped in a shop (I don't remember the name but it was pretty popular) that sells mostly gourmet...
  10. A

    Studying Abroad In Japan

    Hello My name is Alex! I will be studying abroad for the first time for 1 month in Tokyo Japan during the month of August. This is the first time I'm leaving the comfort of my home town. I'm curious on what types of experiences other people have had studying abroad long and short term...
  11. Y

    Please help, need to understand this instruction. ^_^

    hi! Im baking a cookie from a japanese cookbook. Ive done and understood most of the steps. Except this one. So in the recipe, it tells me to add eggs to butter and whisk. The next step says 九分くらいなじんだところでストップ. Ive done google and other translate and it comes up with something along of 'Stop...
  12. H

    Basic questions about raw Japanese foods

    Are those appear-to-be-raw Japanese foods really raw, for example let's take sushi (I actually know more than this dish but I don't know what the other raw-looking are called)? If yes, are they actually safe to consume in a daily basis? Note that what concerns me is the hygiene of the food, not...
  13. RicePharmer

    Travel First Trip to Japan, HELP!!

    My wife and I are a pair of 20-somethings going on a 2 week vacation to Japan in June. We need help, and a lot of it, making an itinerary. The only thing we know so far is that we will arrive and depart at Narita Airport. We have absolutely no idea where to go or what to do, and we would love...
  14. Tazukuri


    Tazukuri (田作り, "rice paddy maker"), dried sardines cooked in soy sauce. Sardines were used to fertilize rice fields and symbolise an abundant harvest.
  15. Kōhaku-namasu


    Kōhakunamasu (紅白なます), literally "red-white vegetable kuai," is made of daikon (white radish) and carrot cut into thin strips and pickled in sweetened vinegar with yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) flavor.
  16. Datemaki


    Datemaki (伊達巻) are sweet rolled omelettes mixed with fish paste or mashed shrimp. They symbolize a wish for many auspicious days. On auspicious days (晴れの日, hare-no-hi), Japanese people traditionally wear fine clothing as a part of enjoying themselves. One of the meanings associated with the...
  17. Kazunoko


    Kazunoko (数の子), herring roe, symbolises a wish to be gifted with numerous children in the New Year (kazu means "number" and ko means "child").
  18. Kuromame


    Kuro-mame (黒豆), black beans; mame also means "health," thereby symbolising a wish for health in the New Year.
  19. Osechi-ryōri


    Osechi-ryōri (御節料理 or お節料理) are traditional Japanese New Year foods. Here a selection of the most common types of food.
  20. C

    Help identifying Hagoromo Seasoning

    Hi all! I've just been back from a trip to Japan. Besides having a great time, I went to several supermarkets and bought a couple of cheap items that called my attention... but don't know what they are. For instance, I bought this Hagoromo Rice Seasoning. What does it have? How do you use it...
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