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  1. Swiss Poker Ace

    Help Yosegaki Hinomaru translation

    Hello, does somebody know what is written on this flag? This flag was carried by a soldier in a “comfort bag” (袋問慰). Many thanks Robert from Switzerland
  2. L

    Help Japanese Flag brought back by Navy Cross recipient

    Hello, this forum has helped me a lot with memorabilia. I purchased this flag along with another that were brought back from a Marine who saw combat in Guadalcanal and Tarawa. I’ve been told the owner of this flag was “Sadao Yatani” I’m hoping if anyone can translate a unit or address on this...
  3. L

    Help Flag and Wax Seal Translation

    Hello everyone, I posted this on a militaria forum and was given this link by another user to help me out. These items came back from Saipan in 1944. Any help with translating the flag or the symbol on the wax seal is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone, Luke
  4. Jessman

    Japanese Good Luck Flag

    Hey guys! I've been reading up on the Japanese good luck flags of WW2. This forum has been a great treasure trove of knowledge! I'm excited to say that I have purchased one of the fantastic pieces of history and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about this particular flag. There's not...
  5. T

    Help with this WW2 Japanese flag, please?

    Japanese WWII flag by Tarheelrebel posted Jun 27, 2018 at 17:12
  6. U

    Please translate this flag. I am trying to locate names and places.

    I came across this flag at an estate sale. Could you please advise as to the proper method of saving this material? I went to a framing company and they wanted to hang it upright by "stapling" the material to a back. I will not allow the flag to be damaged but am afraid I am not caring for it...
  7. CalvinJH

    Edo period flag? (not ww2)

    Hey all, Does anyone have experience/knowledge of flags from the Edo period or earlier? I believe these flags can be seen at temples/shrines quite often. I also see these are dated, but not sure how to prove their legitimacy. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. A

    Japanese Good luck Flag WW2?

    Hello, My name is Adrian and recently I purchased a Japanese Good luck flag. Someone can tell me if it is real and from what period it could be? Can you help me with the words from the flag? Is it any special name on it? I shall appreciate if you can help me. Thanks. Have a good day...
  9. Justin Suan

    Help with WW2 flag

    Hello, My name is Justin. I am stationed at Yokota AFB. I found this flag in a wood case at an antique dealer. After clearing items off of it and opening I realized what it was. The name is written in older Kanji and is difficult to read. I would like to find out the soldiers name and...
  10. M

    Please help me with translations of WWII era flags.

    My grandpa brought these flags back from japan sometime between 1945 and 1952. I know one of them is a hinomaru yosegaki. One of them might be a hinomaru yosegaki but it only has one message on it. And the last one is a red vertically oriented flag or banner. I am most interested in what the red...
  11. C

    Help translating flag

    I have this flag and wish to know the type or meaning on the flag. It has been in my family since the war. If it was positively confirmed that it was a family flag, and the family was interested, I would consider returning to the family.
  12. Mike Cash

    Translating WWII Flags

    We seem to get quite a lot of requests for translations of Japanese flags from WWII. Some are from people whose relatives brought the flags back home with them after the war. Their seeking translations or information doesn't really bother me that much. We also get quite a few requests from...
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