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  1. abd_sad

    Personals Man seeking a Lady to marry

    My name is Abdullah. I am from Pakistan. I live in Islamabad city. Our country is very beautiful. I am a scientist. I am separated. single. alone. I want a loving life companion. Islamabad is a good city to live. Good house. good car. Good food. Good living. Good top tourist attractions places...
  2. yoshitaka

    I wanna see my father again.

    I am Haft Japanese, i born in aichi-ken japan, i am not using the last name of my father because that time when i was born, father still in process to set annulment of his previous wife. mother bring me her country expecting that i can still go back in japan. and father stop supporting after...
  3. yoshitaka

    Hello Menna! here is my purpose

    hello guys. still not met my japanese father im here to have a small chance or hints a ways on how i can find him ^^ god bless everyone!
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