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final fantasy

  1. Spindaboy

    How Can I Play Final Fantasy for Mobile (ファイナルファンタジー for MOBILE)?

    I am a die hard classic Final Fantasy fan as well as a soon to be Japan Studies major. So, naturally when I discovered some obscure releases for Japanese mobile phones my interest peaked immediately. The problem is I know next to nothing about how Japanese mobile phone services work other than...
  2. VictorDort

    How popular this guy in Japan anyways?

    I've found about this group recently and this guy really something it terms of looks, I believe he's the closest to cgi FFVII characters I've seen. So I was wondering how popular he is in Japan if known at all? [youtube]
  3. L

    What is so special bout FF7???

    Why is FF7 so many people's favorite? Personally, I liked it for a while, and I'm not trying to seem offensive to the major fans of FF7, but I just don't like it that much. :sorry: I've always had a soft spot in my heart for 9 though... *shrugs* Gomen nasai!
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