1. Hiroshi Rubi

    My mother just died and told me about my japanese father. Can someone help me find him?

    Hello Everyone My name is Hiroshi Rubi. I live in Philippines. I am looking for my father. I never have any picture of him. My mother died last October 19, 2017 and before that she gave me some detail about my father. I don’t know where to start looking for him... here is the only detail I...
  2. N


    Hi. I'm looking to get a tattoo of the Japanese word for "father". It's important to point out, that the meaning of the tattoo is that I myself am a father (to a little girl) and it's not a reference to my father. I would prefer to have a single kanji, but of course the most important thing...
  3. Phantomhive

    Looking for my father

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for my father which I haven't met since the day I was born. His name is Hiroaki Sato and he is from Ina, Nagano Japan. He was working in a company named Union Denki at that time which was in the year 1991. I am now 25 years old and I tried going to Japan by myself...
  4. F

    Leaving the island after 4 months (Sad father story)

    Here's the link for the saddest story i saw today :'(
  5. yoshitaka

    I wanna see my father again.

    I am Haft Japanese, i born in aichi-ken japan, i am not using the last name of my father because that time when i was born, father still in process to set annulment of his previous wife. mother bring me her country expecting that i can still go back in japan. and father stop supporting after...
  6. yoshitaka

    Hello Menna! here is my purpose

    hello guys. still not met my japanese father im here to have a small chance or hints a ways on how i can find him ^^ god bless everyone!
  7. Jessa

    I need help

    My brother is 12 years old. And we lost contact to his father when he was still 2. I just want to ask help if anyone of you knows YUKIO KOBAYASHI from TOKAMACHI, NIIGATA. Thanks you very much. It would be a big help for my brother,
  8. M

    Looking for the father of my son, Takeshi Yoshiie

    Please, I'm looking for Takeshi Yoshiie, who lived in Nakano City at 1987. He is an economist, a bussinessman, but I don't known anything about him today. His family store house named "Takeshige" was in Nakano City, near the train station. He is 55 years old now.