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  1. Helen~

    Translation of this phrase? (research project)

    When handing in a description for a research project I plan to do, my instructor told me she couldn't understand what I wanted to say with one phrase and that I should rewrite it. However, I just can't figure out the correct expression on my own. How would you say the following phrase in...
  2. Useful Phrases and Expressions in Japanese

    Language Useful Phrases and Expressions in Japanese

    Below find a concise list of useful phrases and expressions you can use when travelling in Japan. Phrases--Yesはい。Hai.Noいいえ。IieThank you (informal)ありがとう。Arigatō.Thank you (more formal)ありがとうございます。Arigatō gozaimasu.Thanks for your help.お世話になりました。Osewa ni narimashita.Pleaseお願いします。Onegai shimasu.You...
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