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  1. G

    Question Requiring Informations about Fees and Expenses to rent an Apartment in Japan.

    Hi, I'm planning to go study at a University in Tokyo and live with my girlfriend by renting an Apartment with: One Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, 1 Living room. Can someone please give me a list with a rough estimate for each expense/fee/tax, that we'll have to pay on average, on the first and...
  2. AoiHana35

    Moving/Buying a House in Japan

    Hi Everyone! This is my first time here at the community. I've been trying to find some decent forums with people who've had years of experience in Japan. Me and my Japanese wife who have been married for a while now have decided we'd really love to move to Japan. Her family member is going to...
  3. sukarro

    How much does it cost day-to-day in Japan? (planning a 9-10 month trip)

    My background: 18 years old half Japanese, half British Next year I intend to take a gap year in Japan. I have family who live in Osaka, so I will live with them for my stay (or at least a significant portion of it). The costs of living (as in accomodation, language schools etc...) are pretty...
  4. J

    Advice on cost of living in Fukuyama and/or Okinawa

    Hi folks I tried doing a search for any post on this topic but nothing came up.:( I'm a 28 year old Australian and have been offered a JET stint in both Fukuyama and Okinawa. I've to make a decision really soon and am hoping I could get some advice here. Anyone currently living in Fukuyama...
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