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  1. M

    Host Family letter

    So, i am applying for a year abroad high school exchange in japan for a year in 2019. I am required to write a letter in English, optional Japanese. I have decided to write one in Japanese thus my following questions; How do I end a letter in Japanese? In terms of actual content, is there...
  2. MilesOfSmiles

    Japanese School / English Exchange

    Hey everyone, First post here, so thanks in advance for your patience... Introduction: Never been to Japan, but am currently learning Japanese, because I want to go. I'm interested in interactions with native Japanese people. I'm going to a Japanese language school here in the US, and I...
  3. nice gaijin

    Comprehensive List of Japanese Exchange Programs

    As you may know from my thread Japanese Name Stamps - Hanko/Inkan/Shachihata | Japan Forum I helped launch a website for a company in Japan that makes hanko (Japanese name stamps). As part of my role, I'm helping coordinate outreach to help market the site and inform people about hanko. A...