1. Weekdays in Japanese

    Language Weekdays in Japanese

    This is an overview over the names and the etymology of Japanese weekdays and the days of the month. English WeekdayJapanese WeekdayMeaning Monday月曜日 getsuyōbiThe Day of the Moon, 月 (tsuki, the moon) Tuesday火曜日 kayōbiThe Day of Fire, 火 (ka, fire), refers to the planet Mars (火星 kasei)...
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    Hiragana etymology

    I decided to create a series of posts on our blog ( about etymology of both kana's that are in everyday use in modern Japanese language (hiragana and katakana). I believe that it is much easier to learn those syllabaries if one understands their origin. I will begin with...
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    Kanji etymology

    It is a new project I am involved in. I plan on introducing all of the 常用漢字. I hope I can keep up the pace of 3 posts (i.e. 3 kanji) a week. My first post is here, let me know what do you think. I realize that there are many publications...