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  1. No.R.in.JPN

    Is Japanese etiquette the same on Social Media?

    Essentially I heard that foreigners can easily be politely isolated from Japanese society. If they aren't willing to fit in for the most part. Not only that, but it is rare for a Japanese person. To ever tell you when you are doing something wrong. Just wondering does the same rules apply to...
  2. W

    Crime and Etiquette in Japan

    I am a student from England who is currently writing an essay on crime and etiquette in Japan and whether they are related, to do this I have created a 5 minute (anonymous) survey aimed at people living in Japan or people who have lived in Japan and would be grateful if you could contribute to...
  3. Japanese Manners and Etiquette

    Culture Japanese Manners and Etiquette

    Social behaviour and etiquette are considered very important in Japan. While specific rules of courtesy are supposed to be universal, quite a few Japanese manners and habits are unique and should also be respected by foreigners. Please notice that some of the customs outlined below are based on...
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