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  1. K

    How soon do ALTs and Eikaiwas expect you to move?

    Do ALTs and Eikaiwas see a problem with hiring a foreigner that can't go to Japan until 3 months after getting a job offer? (Firms that sponsor Work Visas claim that Visas typically take 2 months to process. This will be followed by a legally required 1 month resignation notice period at my...
  2. gurenokingyo

    Help Teaching English at a Rural Village in Japan

    Hi there! My name is Lucas Assis and I'm a Brazilian student currently enrolled in a Computer Science bachelor's degree in Rio de Janeiro with a deep passion for Japanese culture. I'm fluent in English, and I have a Canadian high school diploma, so I believe that I'd be apt for teaching after...
  3. sendaiben

    Teaching Blog (focus on Japan, extensive reading, running a language school)

    Hi everyone I write a teaching blog with a focus on extensive reading programs, language school administration, university teaching, and English in Japan.
  4. Alanya Shine

    Learning English in Japan

    English language learning is the biggest problem in Japan, we've created an idea that allows us to teach english speaking over Skype, face to face. We're native speakers and teach learners quick and easy. Once training is over with, you gain a trip to come visit your instructor(s) in America! I...
  5. The Unbiased Truth About Nova

    Work The Unbiased Truth About Nova

    Topics in this article: The Reality of Nova The Nova Routine The Interview and Qualifications Accommodation Training and Teaching Methods Money and Saving Schedule and Vacation Nova Policies Coworkers and Location Requests Being a Gaijin in Japan Other Opportunities in Japan...