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english speakers

  1. Tomoya

    Do I have what it takes to get into these Universities?

    Hello Everyone! I am new to the Forum. I will get right to the point. I have been wishing to study/live in Japan for the last few years now. I did not pursue it until now, when I am getting more serious. I have done some research on my own to try to get all the information I can. I am a Untied...
  2. M

    Job Offers Look for EN-JA interpreters in Shizuoka (1 year)

    Hi One of our company's partner is looking for the EN-JA interpreters, if you are interested in this job, please feel free to contact : hr@siteengine.co.jp together with your CV Thank you! [Job description] Location: Shizuoka Start from : October 2016 Working period: 1 year contract Working...
  3. Aki Moritani

    Services Discount code for section 2 of my Japanese Language Course

    Hi Everyone, Just to let you know, I have released section 2 of my Japanese language course. You can get a 50% discount here (in August only). Japanese conversation for English speakers 2 | Udemy Thanks! Aki
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