1. L

    Job Offers Job Boards in Japan

    We are a US based company, recruiting in Japan for individuals to work from home. Does anyone know of some good places to post our positions? If interested, here is the job: Leapforce Opportunity Description
  2. A

    Which studies may be helpful in finding employment in JP ??

    First of all just wanna say hello as it's my first post on the board ! :) Atm I'm preparing to kind of exam called "Matura" in Poland, that rates students and allow us to choose studies discipline. As my major goal is ultimately to move to Japan I'm having dissonance of choice now. From career...
  3. Ryoma

    Joining the JGSDF

    hey guys, my name is Ryoma Brunel and ive had an interest in joining the JGSDF since the age of 18. Right now, i am age 20, have a high school education, reside in NYC, and have dual citizenship for the USA, and JAPAN. My Japanese is almost native when it comes to speaking, but reading and...