1. thomas

    News Elaborate throne for Japan's next emperor arrives

    The throne that's going to be used in the coronation of Japan's next emperor in October 2019 has arrived in Tokyo. Crown Prince Naruhito will step on the throne on May 1 of next year, the day after his 84-year-old father, Emperor Akihito abdicates. On the left, the Takamikura throne, and on...
  2. Emperor Go-Daigo

    Emperor Go-Daigo

    Emperor Go-Daigo (後醍醐天皇 Go-Daigo-tennō, November 26, 1288 - September 19, 1339) was the 96th emperor of Japan. Post-Meiji historians construe Go-Daigo's reign to span 1318–1339; however, pre-Meiji accounts of his reign considered the years of his reign to encompass only between 1318–1332...
  3. List of Japanese Emperors

    History List of Japanese Emperors

    660 BC – current times Japan’s imperial family traces its descendants from Jimmu, circa 660 BC. The list shows Japan’s ruling Emperors, eight ruling Empresses, as well as the six Emperors of the Northern Court (北朝 hokuchō, also known as the “Ashikaga Pretenders” or “Northern Pretenders”...
  4. Emperor Meiji

    Biographies Emperor Meiji

    The Meiji Emperor (明治天皇 Meiji-tennō, born Mutsuhito, 3 November 1852 – 30 July 1912) or Meiji the Great was the 122nd emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession, reigning from 3 February 1867 until his death. He presided over a time of rapid change in Japan, as the nation...
  5. Emperor Hirohito

    Biographies Emperor Hirohito

    Early life He was born at the Aoyama Palace in Tokyo, the first son of then Crown Prince Yoshihito and then-Crown Princess Sadako. His childhood title was Michi no Miya (Prince Michi). He became the heir apparent upon the death of his grandfather, Emperor Meiji, on July 30, 1912. His formal...