1. alvinsbored

    Waseda University International Admissionsについて?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site so to begin I would like to introduce myself! My names Alvin and I'm currently a high school student in the United States. Does anybody attend Waseda University as a international student in any of the English undergraduate programs? I would like to know how...
  2. M

    Attention English Teachers!

    Attention English teachers in Japan!! I have a great opportunity for your middle school students. I am organizing a contest for an all-expenses trip to Space Camp in the USA for a teacher and two students. I live in Tokyo but do not have many connections with schools in Japan. I thought...
  3. K

    Transferring to a Japanese University/College

    Hello, I had a question that someone might be able to help me with. My wife and I want to go to Japan to teach English; however, we wanted to wait until she finished with her Bachelor's. However, we had the idea that maybe she could finish up her degree at a Japanese university and then if we...
  4. Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Biographies Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi (福澤諭吉, 1835-1901) was a prominent educator, writer, and propagator of Western knowledge during the Meiji Period (1868-1912), founder of Keio Gijuku (慶應義塾, a private college, later Keio University), of Japan's first daily newspaper Jiji Shinpō (時事新報), and introduced the art of...
  5. K

    Need help with my project!

    Hello everyone! I am Kate from Russia and I am doing project at school about cartoons around the world. Can you answer the following question: which Japanese cartoon character can represent Japan at a conference to tell about traditions and every day life in this country? Thank you for your help!
  6. WonkoTheSane

    Free University of Tokyo courses

    In case anyone is interested, the University of Tokyo is offering some free courses on edX (in English, sorry): UTokyoX - Free Courses from The University of Tokyo | edX I'm doing the Visualizing Post-War Tokyo courses and they're rather interesting. I think you can get some sort of...
  7. sukarro

    Is it possible to self-organize a scheme to attend a high school during my gap year?

    Information about myself: Currently 17/18 years old and will be 18/19 when I visit Japan. My ethnic mix is Japanese and British. I do have Japanese citizenship. Have only basic language proficiency. Will be attending a language school during my stay. Will be staying with my Japanese...