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  1. T

    That Was A Good Solid Shake

    Not even time for the JMA people to post, but I was just starting to look around on the forum when the shake started and it was more than a little one in my area. It must have been either directly under me and weak, or a fair bit away and quite strong. I'm sure I will know in a few minutes...
  2. thomas

    News M6.7 quake hits Hokkaido

    A powerful earthquake hit Hokkaido last night. I hope everyone there is fine. @nahadef must have had a sleepless night. :emoji_anguished: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/09/06/national/powerful-m6-7-earthquake-hits-hokkaido-no-tsunami-alert-issued/ 地震:北海道・胆振地方中東部で震度6強 津波の心配なし - 毎日新聞
  3. Lothor

    Predicted increase in large earthquakes in 2018

    This seems to be more of a rigorous study than some pseudo-scientist claiming that the next big one will happen next month to increase sales of Japan's weekly magazines. Apparantly the earth's rotation is about to slow fractionally, which tends to increase the number of worldwide large...
  4. thomas

    News M7.3 quake off Fukushima

    That was quite a long tremblor we could also feel in Kanagawa. CNN just reported as M6.9. Earthquake sparks Japan tsunami warning - BBC News Tsunami warnings have been issued from Aomori to Chiba. 気象庁が津波警報、津波注意報(日本テレビ系(NNN)) - Yahoo!ニュース
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