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  1. Keys & Heel

    Keys & Heel - Naptime

    KEYS & HEEL collaborate with Japan-based animator on their debut single Naptime The official music video for "Naptime" by KEYS & HEEL directed by Motion Designer Santeri Piilonen. Video is a colorful journey through a dreamland. “Naptime was created during our first session together. The only...
  2. P

    Help Determining What Can or Can't Be a "Place" and Using Onomatopoeia

    Hi, I'm writing a kind of poetic piece for a contest, and a sentence I want to write is something like "in my dreams" as in, dream/s is a place where I see something/someone. Can I directly translate it as ゆめに to mean dreams as a place, or is there something specific I should do? Also, I'd like...
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