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  1. Improve daily studies with chouchou -  Free Japanese Offline Dictionary

    Improve daily studies with chouchou - Free Japanese Offline Dictionary

    More than just a dictionary! This free app was specifically designed to assist you in your daily Japaneses studies chouchou - Japanese Offline Dictionary – Android Apps on Google Play or checkout our website: chouchou - Free Japanese Dictionary Highlights: * Share word and kanji entries as...
  2. JREF

    JWPce - Japanese Text Editor and Dictionary 2017-08-05

    JWPce is a simple Japanese-language text editor and dictionary program created by Glenn Rosenthal. It runs on the Windows 95, ME, 2000, XP, NT, and CE platforms. It is designed for non-native speakers of Japanese who want to produce Japanese-language documents. Kanji search options include SKIP...
  3. Jaccent - japanese accent pronunciation dictionary

    Jaccent - japanese accent pronunciation dictionary

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce an iOS app which is very useful for learning Japanese, especially Japanese's accent and pronunciation. The app' data is referenced from famous Japanese's websites so that it is completely reliable. Below are the app description and download link, please take a...
  4. H

    How to look up kanji in dictionary?

    It's not really a translation request but I think it is relevant with this section. I would like to know how you usually look up a kanji that you don't know its reading. For example there is certain stuff you found in the convenience store and you want to know its meaning by looking up in your...
  5. andree.surya

    Online Japanese Dictionary

    Dear fellow Japanese language learners, I would like to share about Kotobyte, an online Japanese dictionary that I built as a hobby project. If you're not happy with the dictionary that you have at the moment, please feel free to check the site out, it might just be the one that fits your...
  6. TuanNguyen

    Overview of Japan

    [ Please see below ]
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