1. D

    Undergraduate Design Universities in Japan?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing an undergraduate design degree in Australia (I'm just a first year), but I would like to go to Japan for undergraduate design instead. I'm ok with either transferring or reapplying all over again. However, my Japanese is honestly poor, at around JLPT N5. Given...
  2. Japanese Design

    Culture Japanese Design

    Japanese Design. Art, Aesthetics & Culture is ambitiously aimed at a wide audience, covering anybody with an interest in Japanese design, art and culture. Newcomers to this subject will find the chronology of Japanese history and notes on Japanese names and words very useful. Students and...
  3. astrogirl

    Design in Japanese

    Hi there, I've found many options meaning design 1.- sekkei suru (設計する)to plan, to design, to lay out. 2.- hakaru, はかる, 図る, えがく 3.- egaku, 画く, 描く, くわだてる, 企てる, 4.- デザイン, dezain 5.- 図案, zuan ... I need it for an album cover, I just want to name it Design, I really like how "sekkei suru"...