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    Help make my kabedon amazing >:)

    Hi everyone, I've been dating this wonderful woman from Japan, and I want to ask her to go steady. I know for many in Japan, officially asking this question is really important. I'm pretty fit and have a take charge attitude, and she really like this about me so, both for fun and for romance...
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    (Dating) Advice needed

    Hello, I've been seeing this Japanese guy for a few times, we matched from Tinder. He seems like a nice man and definitely a workaholic. I'm interested in knowing more about him but the problem is he speaks very little. Like almost nothing at all if I don't ask him questions. The 1st meet was...
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    She asked me for the time to decide if to accept kokuhaku

    I love one Japanese woman and so I confessed her my love - I played her a song with words "I love you", "I want to live for you.", "kokuhaku", etc. and then said that song was for her and asked her if she accepts it. She was so surprised and smiling at the same time that she asked me if I really...